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Casinos With Bingo Rooms

There’s a new kind of place to play slots and bingo!  If you love to play slot games and also like a bit of bingo, these sites are for you.



Casinos With Bingo Rooms

What is a casino with bingo?

Casinos with bingo focus on the slots rather than on the bingo.  The bingo could be anything from a couple of largely deserted rooms to half a dozen that are heaving, but the emphasis is always on the slots and the name of the site will reflect that.

At a casino with bingo, the welcome offer consists of a slot bonus, slot spins or similar.  It does not include any bingo bonus or free bingo tickets (but may include a free bingo room for new players).

Player promotions at this type of bingo casino site will also be slot orientated with perhaps just the occasional bingo promotion from time to time.

The history of casinos with bingo

The seeds of the idea of a casino with bingo were sown a long time ago with Gamesys sites which have always been largely about their own slot titles.  Back when they had welcome bonus offers, the welcome bonus was flexible and could be used on either bingo or slots with the games differently weighted towards the wagering requirements.  They also have chat on the slots as well as on the bingo.

The concept really got going though when Maria – a site that had previously been a Virtue Fusion bingo site – rebranded itself as Maria Casino but retained its bingo rooms (albeit on a different platform).  The bingo at Maria Casino is by Relax Gaming and while they do occasionally run bingo promotions, the welcome bonus is geared towards slots not bingo (there’s a separate player reward system for bingo which occasionally gives out bingo vouchers).

Another important factor in the evolution of casinos with bingo was the launch of the Jumpman Wheel of Slots bingo network.  These bingo sites had a spin the wheel welcome offer where most of the prizes were slot spins.  Jumpman were presumably testing the hypothesis that there are a lot of bingo players that really prefer slots and just like a bit of bingo on the side.  The Wheel of Slots sites certainly proved popular and now Jumpman have applied a similar model to all their sites on the new platform.  The only real differences between 15 Network bingo sites such as Barbados Bingo and Jumpman Slots sites like Jackpot Slotty are that the spins that can be won on the welcome offer are on different slots, and that the slot sites have some extra promotions.  They all have the same bingo rooms and great selection of slot games regardless of whether they have “bingo” in the name or not – essentially, they are all slot sites with a bit of bingo.

These operators all had previous experience with bingo but towards the end of 2017, an operator whose previous experience was with other products – the well respected casino Mr Green – added some bingo rooms (surprisingly they opted for the Cozy platform).

Oddly, Gamesys which is where it all started have moved away from the concept to an extent –Virgin Games, which was very much a casino with bingo, no longer has any bingo rooms, but Heart Bingo has more bingo rooms than it used to.

Why play at a casino with bingo?

There are a number of reasons why a player might choose a bingo casino instead of a regular bingo site.

  • Better selection of slots
  • Slot bonus or free spins welcome offer
  • More slot promotions
  • Lack of bingo wagering requirements (cash play only)

A casino with bingo rooms suits players who like to play slots with the occasional bit of bingo. To such a player, slots and slot promos are more important than lively bingo rooms or big bingo prizes. If largely playing on mobile – as so many players now are – they may not be too interested in the bingo room chat or even prefer it not to be too busy.


Possible disadvantages of casinos with bingo

The problem that these bingo casinos face is getting the bingo product right. The usual sort of pay bingo game, where the prize money is based on the ticket sales, needs liquidity to be fun and this normally relies on two factors to boost the ticket sales:

  1. Networking
  2. Pre-buy facilities

Even very large bingo sites usually have some rooms that are networked with others and with the exception of Tombola (where there are always thousands of players around) the ones with big prize money also all have fully featured pre-buy.  It’s very much a chicken and egg thing – no-one wants to play in a quiet bingo room because there’s no-one to talk to and the prizes are rubbish, so the room just goes on getting quieter and quieter until eventually games start having to be cancelled due to lack of players.

Maria Casino is probably the only casino with bingo rooms to offer this level of liquidity at the moment.

Without a lot of liquidity, bingo can still be enjoyable and attractive to players but only if it’s one of the following:

  • Free
  • Sufficiently entertaining in itself to make up for relatively small prizes – this could be because of brilliant chat hosting or because the game itself has been made more exciting (e.g. the Slingo Boom game)
  • Part of a promotion or player reward scheme (e.g. some of the trophies that can be collected at Jumpman sites are for bingo play)
  • A guaranteed jackpot game with advance ticket purchase


The future of casinos with bingo

Casinos with bingo certainly seem to attract players, even though at many of them there appears to be very little bingo actually being played.  The next important development is already in the pipeline in that not one, but two makers of slot games – Yggdrasil and Pragmatic Play – have bingo products in development and both are expected to launch in the not too distant future.

Depending on how the liquidity works with these two bingo products, we could see many more of these bingo casinos arriving on the scene very soon.