Plush Bingo Review

  • Sue Dawson

  • Last update: 11th November 2018

Rating: 3.9

Plush Bingo is a Cozy bingo site on the Live Bingo Network and if you think it looks a bit familiar, you’d be right; the operator is also responsible for Swag Bingo and although the two sites are on different networks they have a very similar feel.

PlushBingo Screenshoot

The word plush is being used to refer to bling, so the design of the site features mirrorball bingo balls rather than the cuddly toys one might have expected.  Like its sister site, Plush Bingo has a big advantage over most other Cozy bingo sites in that it has a much better selection of slots, including Fluffy Favourites and other Eyecon slots, and Microgaming titles such as Avalon II.

Like other Cozy bingo sites, Plush Bingo stopped offering a no deposit bonus in October 2017, instead introducing a free bingo room for newbies that is open 24/7.  Please check the terms and conditions for the latest information before depositing or playing.

1 thought on “Plush Bingo

  1. I came across plush bingo the other day and as it was a free no deposited site I figured I’d try it out.
    My initial thoughts was that it was very good as they offer new players 12 free tickets per game for 7 days in the newbie room. Ok the prize fund was only 25p for the line and 2 lines and 50p for the full house but they also let you wager any winnings on the real bingo games… Wow sounds brilliant. Sure enough once I had won £3 I played in another room and won £27. Since I would need to make a deposit if I wished to withdraw any money I decided to just play with what I had won.
    Obviously I ended up losing it so went back to the newbie free play room. I played for 6 more days and over that time I started noticing something odd.
    Having a tablet and computer I looked for another free site whilst still playing the original one.
    I came across lucky liner, I signed up. Again it was free, on entering their free room the first thing I noticed was I was welcomed by the same CH. Which showed on both my screens.
    Then the game started and lo and behold the same numbers played on both, and the same winners. Ok so they link sites, no big deal right. But then something really caught my eye. Once in a while a regular named person would win is littleladyluck or xpleaseawinx etc. But more often than not it seemed a bot was winning as in one game the line was won by lwl31 and the house by lwl33. The very next game the 2 lines were won by lwl33 and the house by lwl32.
    Then I noticed other bots. You can spot them as they win so often and always have just 2 digits after the name, rarely making sense is if your 44 you may put 44 after your name but 12, thru to 17. Strike me as odd, and so many players on the same site with 2 digits after the name. We’ll make up your own mind but thought I’d throw it out there as it may be something or nothing and forewarned is forearmed so to say.

    Again the sites in question Plush bingo and Lucky liner. Im sure there’s more linked but couldn’t be bothered regerstering at anymore.

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