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  • the bingo offer club says:

    To access your bonus you must have a zero cash balance so you need to get rid of your cash somehow. You could have a go at slots and try for a Jackpot or you could put your deposit on a hand of Blackjack. Once you have no cash left you can play with your bingo bonus. I was depositing a lot of money every week, spending my cash on blackjack and spending the bonus on bingo winning a lot then withdrawing my winnings. The site has now excluded myself and my friends from getting any more bonuses. They won’t say why but I suspect it’s because I was winning too much. Any other reputable bingo site would never stop trying to retain regular existing customers by stopping giving bonuses to them they’d change the bonus structure to make it harder to convert the bonuses to cash. Why they couldn’t do that I don’t know….so I vote them 1 star.

    • admin says:

      This is a fairly standard practice by online bingo sites – if you have cash in your account, that will be used first when you buy bingo tickets and the bonus will only be used if you have run out of cash. Only a very few sites use the bonus first. You can still access the bonus eventually though, as once you fulfil the wagering requirements any remaining bonus and winnings from playing with bonus will turn into cash.

  • Andrea higham says:

    How long till the mobile app comes?? Iv just become a member and deposited 10 pound and now can’t play as only hav my fone xx not long I hope

    • admin says:

      Unfortunately we don’t know – it has been “coming soon” for a long time now. Bingocams, who use the same software, do have a mobile app but you can’t play bingo on it, only slots.

  • karen says:

    I really enjoy playing at Bright very friendly, and generous with the free bonus

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