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Bingo Godz

Bingo Godz

Bingo Godz Review - CLOSED

Sue Dawson

Rating: 3.8/5

Bingo Godz was going to be the next big thing in online bingo when it launched in September 2013, but despite frequent tweaks it never lived up to the hype and became just another Bede Gaming bingo site.  The site finally closed at the end of October 2018.

The USP at launch was the progression through 6 levels leading to bigger and bigger prizes, to be achieved by collecting Bingo Godz along the way, but this never happened.  At opening there was no progression (it wasn’t ready in time) and it took them a year to get as far as a partial implementation of the level 3 rooms.  Levels 4-6 failed to materialise at all.  Perhaps the biggest mistake, though, was to launch without any 75 ball bingo whatsoever (it arrived almost a year later).

In early 2015 the site changed hands and at some point the whole level progression thing was quietly dropped.  For a while the Godz were retained, showing up in the bingo rooms to add extras to the play, but this soon stopped as well and all that remained of the original concept was the names of the bingo rooms which were taken from Greek mythology.

Despite the level progression part of the site being the ultimate damp squib the Bede Gaming software was a joy to use and really deserves to be more popular than it is.  Although there are only a few Bede Gaming bingo sites left the bingo rooms are usually quite busy, but as time goes on these sites have become more and more about the slots, and it has to be said that there is an extremely good selection of them (not surprisingly as the entire network is now owned by well known casino operator Leo Vegas.


Key Information

  • Minimum Deposit
  • Order of Funds Usage
    Cash first
  • Software
    Bede Gaming
  • Network
  • Free Bingo
    Recent depositors only
  • Date Established
    September, 2013
  • UK License Holder
    LeoVegas Gaming Limited
  • UK License Reference Number
  • Insolvency Protection
    Not Protected

2 thoughts on “Bingo Godz

  1. BINGO GODZ ! ! !
    This site is the worst I have come across.
    They allow you to join , they give you a daily bonus you rack up a win of about 50 quid and try to withdraw say 40 quid, they limit you to 20.00 and nick the other 20.00. leaving you a balance of 10.00 they let you go on winning without any warning they then just clear you account.New Balance 0.00 and then they expect you to deposit and play on happily as if nothing has happened.

    1. This sounds like an issue with the £20 cap on winnings by players who have not yet made a deposit. Bingo Godz are not the only site who do this and they do at least make it quite clear in the promotional terms and conditions that such a cap exists.

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