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  • Gordon McTaggart says:

    BINGO GODZ ! ! !
    This site is the worst I have come across.
    They allow you to join , they give you a daily bonus you rack up a win of about 50 quid and try to withdraw say 40 quid, they limit you to 20.00 and nick the other 20.00. leaving you a balance of 10.00 they let you go on winning without any warning they then just clear you account.New Balance 0.00 and then they expect you to deposit and play on happily as if nothing has happened.

    • admin says:

      This sounds like an issue with the £20 cap on winnings by players who have not yet made a deposit. Bingo Godz are not the only site who do this and they do at least make it quite clear in the promotional terms and conditions that such a cap exists.

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