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Bingo Appy Review

  • Sue Dawson

  • Last update: 15th January 2019

Rating: 3

Bingo Appy attempted to bring the world of real money online bingo to the social gaming environment of Facebook; it is still open but is basically a failure, with just 200 monthly players.  Installing the app is easy but to play in the real money bingo games and the slots and scratchcard side games, you’ll need to register and deposit – and since this is just a cut down 888 site running inside a Facebook frame and you have to register separately from your Facebook account, why bother? There are better promotions and bigger prizes to be found at other 888 sites.

7 thoughts on “Bingo Appy

    1. There’s no mobile app – it was for Facebook. It looks like you can still play it on Facebook Gameroom but they only have a hundred or so users left. If you are looking for an app to play on your phone, all the bingo sites listed in our Mobile Bingo section have one.

  1. This last year the site has gone downhill fast. No one plays in the one room set for bingo appy players only (funtime) and they have taken the free game away from the bingo appy players. The 3 shared rooms now how 92 ticket sales, instead of 2 of the shared rooms having 24 ticket sales before. There is now no host after 11pm in funtime, midnite in chatterbox and the spa, and 1am in easy dosh. This means no games are played because players leave. Altogether the site is now decidely no fun anymore.

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