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Stride Gaming Bingo Sites

Sick of Virtue Fusion, Dragonfish and Cozy? Try something different with these Daub Alderney powered bingo sites owned by Stride Gaming plc. 75, 90 ball and 5 line bingo plus exclusive progressive jackpot slots!

Stride Gaming Bingo Sites

  1. Who are Stride Gaming?
  2. What do they do?
  3. The Stride Gaming bingo software
  4. The future

Who are Stride Gaming?

Stride Gaming PLC began operating in 2012 with a management team that already had extensive experience with online bingo (they were involved with both the original Dragonfish software and with Wink Bingo before it was sold to 888).

Stride was originally privately owned but in 2015 it was floated on AIM, the London Stock Exchange’s international market for smaller growing companies.  Stride Gaming PLC is registered in Jersey but its main country of operation is the UK and its corporate headquarters is in London.

What do they do?

Stride started out by launching a series of bingo and slots sites on their own software platform, Daub Alderney.  It wasn’t until 2014 that they began buying up other bingo brands; the first set of acquisitions happened when the “whitelist” was abolished and all UK facing gambling sites had to get a UK licence.  Stride acquired the UK business of the three bingo sites on the old fashioned Leapfrog bingo platform (the non UK players were split off to a differently named version of each site) and operates them under the Daub Alderney licence.

This was very much small potatoes compared to what was to come; the injection of funding from the AIM listing enabled Stride to embark on a massive acquisition spree.  They started in summer 2015 with Israel-based mobile gaming company Infiapps, and then moved on to embarking on a pair of deals which together give them control of over 100 bingo brands making up 10% of the UK bingo market. One of these was the purchase of the Netboost online marketing company and the associated Tarco assets – in other words, the Dragonfish powered bingo network that includes sites such as Robin Hood Bingo and Ted Bingo.  The other deal was the purchase of 8 Ball Games who own dozens of small bingo sites(mostly powered by Dragonfish but also including Playtech and Cozy bingo sites) and also a number of slots sites on various platforms.

The Stride Gaming bingo software

The Stride bingo software first saw the light of day with the launch of Kitty Bingo in September 2012 (Stride had already launched a slots site earlier that year).  It offers mainly 90 ball bingo rooms with occasional 75 ball and 5 line games.


Where the Daub powered sites excel is in the range of slots available to play (and associated promotions).  These include some exclusive progressive jackpots.

The Daub platform still only powers a small handful of sites and this is not really a reflection on the software itself, but of Stride’s decision not to use a white label model (basically, all the sites are house owned by Stride and no other operator can open a Daub site).

The future

Stride will no doubt wish to continue their aggressive acquisition strategy and we certainly expect them to keep increasing the number of bingo sites under their control.  This could include any or indeed all of the following:

  1. Buying another complete network or group of bingo sites as they did with Netboost/Tarco
  2. Launching more Daub bingo and/or slots sites
  3. Launching bingo sites on other platforms via 8 Ball
  4. Taking over bingo sites on other platforms via 8 Ball
  5. Launching new bingo and/or slots sites on the Netboost/Tarco network

It will also be interesting to see what ultimately happens to the three hopelessly outdated Leapfrog powered sites – surely they will eventually have to migrate to a more modern platform (in fact it is surprising that they have not done so already).

UPDATE: The entire kit and caboodle has now been bought by Rank Gaming so who knows what 2020 holds for Stride controlled bingo sites?