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Paypal Bingo Sites

  • An increasing number of online bingo sites now take Paypal
  • This is super convenient for players as most people already have a Paypal account
  • Paypal removes the need to give credit card numbers to multiple sites
  • A Paypal account can be funded without the use of a credit card


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Paypal has a number of advantages as a payment method for online bingo sites. Paypal accounts can be funded by credit or debit card, by linked bank account or even by selling things on Ebay so there is no need to have a credit card to use one.

If you do use a credit card to fund your Paypal account, the card details are NOT passed to the bingo site.

The card issuer, however, IS aware of where the payment is actually going (and will flag any transactions they consider suspicious).

This makes Paypal a good option for both safety and convenience BUT of course, you do need to make sure that your Paypal password is secure and NOT the same as any of your bingo site passwords.

Another thing to check before using Paypal to deposit is what will happen when you want to withdraw winnings. Will the bingo site pay out to your Paypal account? Or will they send a cheque and if so will there be an administration fee?