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Relaunched or Redesigned Bingo Sites

  • These bingo sites have all had a recent makeover
  • This can happen when a bingo site moves from one platform or network to another
  • It can also be done to improve player experience on multiple devices
  • Often there is a new welcome offer to go with the redesign
  • Some redesigns are purely cosmetic but others are so radical it might as well be a brand new site


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Bingo site relaunches and redesigns can take place for a variety of reasons, and they are almost always good news for players.

Cosmetic redesign to make the look of the site more appealing or more modern

Examples of this would be the May 2015 facelift of Vampire Bingo whereby a somewhat sinister looking vampire was replaced by some very cute cartoon vampire bats.

To reflect new TV or press advertising campaign

A prime example of this is at Mecca Bingo, where the infamous twerking cactus and the talking creme brulee were replaced by the tiny-bodied Mecca players (who were themselves later replaced by a new celebrity endorsement). Wink Bingo also had a makeover shortly after announcing the retirement of everyone's favourite dancing dog.

Bingo site has new face or new sponsorship deal

This sort of redesign can be temporary - as happened at Iceland Bingo during Iceland's sponsorship of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here - or longer term - as at Costa Bingo when Mel B became the face of the brand (both times!) or at bgo when the Boss arrived in the form of Verne Troyer.   It does not even have to involve a real person as the cast of colorful retro characters at Gossip Bingo shows.

Mobile/tablet integration

This type of redesign happens when the site is made responsive i.e. able to detect what sort of device is being used and serve up the right version of the site, so mobile and tablet users no longer have to use an app and can just go to the bingo site in their browser.  The site is either completely rewritten in HTML 5, or changes are made to ensure that there is not too big a difference for users between the desktop and mobile/tablet version.  888Ladies and Paddy Power have both had upgrades of this type during the last couple of years.


This type of redesign focuses on improving the layout of the site for desktop users - as at Ladbrokes - or fixing problems - as at Bingo Godz where there was a problem with the lobby repeatedly getting out of sync with the bingo rooms.

Platform changes

When Rehab Bingo was migrated from Virtue Fusion to Microgaming the look of the site did not change much. but this is very much an exception.  Game Village looked very different after its change to the Cozy platform and the relaunch of Mirror Bingo on Virtue Fusion was so radical that it really needed to be regarded as a brand new site.

Bingo site is under new ownership

Examples of this include the redesign of Bucky Bingo after it was bought by Betfred and of Dotty Bingo after it was bought by Broadway Gaming.

Change in licensing arrangements

When the new UK licensing regime went live in Autumn 2014 some bingo sites rebranded the UK part of their business to keep it separate from the international part of their business; Winner Bingo was one of the sites that did this and in the process it gained a completely new look.  Perhaps the most clear cut case though is that of Jackpot Liner and its two sister sites.  Jackpot Liner used to be called Bingo Liner and in fact a site of that name still exists but does not accept UK players.  The international players stayed on Bingo Liner and the UK players were split off to Jackpot Liner (with a UK licence held by Daub Alderney).

Another group of sites that were affected by this were the Cozy sites that had previously been managed by Chelbis and licensed in Malta.  These were brought under Cozy's own licence and at that time, the network standard parts of the sites (such as the promotions pages) acquired a new look.

Several of the above

Sometimes a site has a really radical redesign when lots of changes take place at once.  Dream Bingo is an example of a site whose redesign was so sweeping that it seemed like a completely new site!  Just about the only thing that DIDN'T change was the underlying Microgaming platform.  Bet365 also had a redesign that killed several birds with one stone - the UK licensing, useability and the demise of the long running ads featuring the Bingoheads.

Why redesigns are good news for players

  • They generally improve the player experience
  • There's often a tasty new welcome offer or new exclusive promotions to go with them