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Cash Cubes Bingo Sites

Cash Cubes is a 36 ball bingo game by Playtech, designed with mobile play in mind.  It is a single ticket multi stake game with a bonus collection feature and can be played on mobile, tablet, or in the new bingo lobby on desktop at most but not all bingo sites on the Virtue Fusion bingo network.

Cash Cubes Bingo – How To Play

Novel card arrangement

Each card has 12 numbers arranged round the edges of 4 cubes – 8 of the numbers belong to one cube only and the 4 inner numbers belong to two cubes.  The prize is for 4 cubes which is full house.


A one card, multi stake game

In Cash Cubes, each player has one card only, which means that everyone has an equal chance of winning regardless of how much or how little they spend.  Choose a higher stake level and the prize you could win goes up proportionately.  The stake levels are 10p, 50p, £1 and £2.

HTML5 / mobile / tablet only

Cash Cubes is NOT available on the old Flash desktop, only on the HTML5 platform which runs on mobile and tablet everywhere and on some desktop sites. A simplified ticket view showing the numbers in a row without the cubes can be selected. This makes the game harder to follow but could be preferable if playing on a mobile with a small screen.

Community jackpots

There is a community progressive jackpot for getting 4 cubes in 18 calls

Bonus collection feature

Plays have 4 bonus cube collections, one for each stake level.  Each time you complete a cube in play, it is saved to the collection corresponding to current stake level.  Fill a collection with 50 cubes to be awarded a Cash Cubes bonus, the size of which depends on which stake level the collection belongs to.