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Bingo Millions Bingo Sites

Bingo Millions is a new bingo game with a huge jackpot of more than £1.5 million.  All versions of the game are available to play at Buzz Bingo and other sites have the twice weekly 90 ball version only.

Bingo Millions Lobby

What Is Bingo Millions?

Bingo Millions is a game by Mutuel Play that was first introduced at Buzz Bingo in April 2019.  First out of the traps was a 90 ball version playing twice a week and this was followed by an instant win 90 version and two 80 ball versions, with a 75 ball version reportedly launching soon.  Meanwhile the original twice weekly 90 ball version of the game is being rolled out to many more bingo sites.

The most obviously notable thing about Bingo Millions is the huge progressive jackpot attached to the twice weekly versions of the game which is seeded at a massive £1.5 million.  The instant win versions of the game have a fixed jackpot of £1 million.  Apart from a small progressive contribution in the twice weekly games the jackpots are not funded by ticket sales but by an insurance policy.

How To Play Bingo Millions

Bingo Millions plays just like a regular bingo game but with one HUGE difference – the game pays out a series of fixed prizes for completing lines (90 ball), columns (80 ball) or full house in a set number of calls regardless of whether another player has already done it.

Even in a game in which someone actually won the jackpot with full house in less than 30 calls, the game would continue to play all the way to 70 calls and everyone else who completed full house in between would win the requisite prize. They don’t split it between them either; apart from the jackpot, which would be spilt in the ridiculously unlikely event of two players winning full house in 30 or fewer calls in the same game, everyone who completes an objective wins the full amount from the paytable.

Bingo Millions Variants & Prizes

These prize tables are all correct as of August 2019 but please check before playing as changes have been made since the game originally launched and further adjustments could be made at any time.

Bingo Millions 90

Tickets 50p, £2.50 for a strip of 6.  Plays 10pm Wednesdays and Saturdays

Call range 1 line prize 2 line prize Full house prize
5-9 £500 Not possible Not possible
10-14 £50 £10000 Not possible
15-20 £20 £1000 JACKPOT
21-25 £10 £500 JACKPOT
26-30 Free strip £100 JACKPOT
31-35 Free ticket £50 £25000
36-40 £20 £2500
41-45 £10 £250
46-50 £5 £100
51-55 Free strip £20
56-60 £10
61-65 £5
66-70 Free Strip

Bingo Millions 90 Instant

Tickets 20p, £1 for a strip of 6.  Plays every 5 minutes.

Call range 1 line prize 2 line prize Full house prize
5-9 £250 Not possible Not possible
10-14 £25 + Free Strip £10000 Not possible
15-20 £10 + Free Strip £1500 £1 million
21-25 £5 + Free Strip £500 £1 million
26-30 Free strip £100 £1 million
31-35 Free ticket £50 £10000
36-40 £25 + Free Strip £1500
41-45 £5 + Free Strip £250
46-50 Free Strip £100
51-55 Free ticket £25 +
56-60 £5 +
61-65 Free Strip
66-70 Free Ticket

Bingo Millions 80

Tickets 50p, £2 for a strip of 5.  Plays 10pm Thursdays and Sundays.

Call range 1 col prize 2 col prize 3 col prize FH Prize
4-7 £250 Not possible Not possible Not possible
8-11 £25 £5000 Not possible Not possible
12-15 £5 £1000 £25,000 Not possible
16-20 Free Strip £250 £1500 JACKPOT
21-25 £100 £500 JACKPOT
26-30 £15 £250 JACKPOT
31-35 Free Strip £100 £50,000
36-40 £25 £2,000
41-45 £10 £100
46-50 Free Strip £50
51-55 £10
56-60 Free Strip


Bingo Millions 80 Instant

Tickets 25p, £1 for a strip of 5. Plays every 5 minutes.

Call range 1 col prize 2 col prize 3 col prize FH Prize
4-7 £50 Not possible Not possible Not possible
8-11 £10 £2500 Not possible Not possible
12-15 £5 £200 £5000 Not possible
16-20 Free Strip £100 £1000 £1 million
21-25 Free Ticket £15 £500 £1 million
26-30 £5 £200 £1 million
31-35 Free Strip £50 £10,000
36-40 Free Ticket £20 £1,000
41-45 £5 £100
46-50 Free Strip £20
51-55 Free Ticket £10
56-60 Free Strip
61-65 Free Ticket


But Is It Really Bingo?

Although Bingo Millions looks and plays very like 90 ball (or 80 ball) bingo, under the hood there is something completely different going on.

In a regular bingo game, the number of players in the room matters.  The more players there are, the bigger the prizes and the smaller the chance each player has of winning.  In Bingo Millions, on the other hand, the number of players has no effect on the size of the prizes and does not affect other players’ chances of winning a prize.  The game can play, and your chances are just the same, whether there are a thousand other players or none.

Basically, when you play Bingo Millions there is no shared liquidity. You are playing against the house rather than against other players and this means that it is not really a bingo game at all in the normal sense of the word and is actually a form of lottery – which is why the games are referred to as “draws” rather than “games” when you go to buy tickets.

There is certainly a place in the bingo world for this type of game as it enables frequent games offering a very small chance of winning a huge prize to be run without any need to build the liquidity up first.

Speaking of a very small chance – what are the chances of actually winning the £1.5 million?  They aren’t great – we have the exact figure for the 90 ball games (courtesy of Wizard of Odds) of 1 in 295 million per ticket, and we believe it to be similar in the 80 ball games.  Although this is much better than in any of the million pound sliding jackpot games of the past, it is nowhere near as good as:

  • Winning the UK Lottery jackpot – 1 in 45 million
  • Being dealt a Royal Flush straight off in a poker game  – 1 in 649, 740

Even though it could be a long time before someone wins the jackpot, there are plenty of other prizes on offer making for lots of entertainment value.  Bingo Millions seems set to be a success and we look forward to seeing the 75 ball version.