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15 Network

15 Network bingo sites are powered by the Jumpman software and all have the same welcome offer (a game of chance offering the opportunity to win slot spins) and network promotions but some run exclusive promotions such as depositor prize draws.

15 Network Bingo Sites

15 Network was the original Jumpman Bingo network, launched in 2011, but the new version of the network and bingo platform is very different from its original incarnation.

  1. History
  2. Experimentation
  3. Slots Take Over
  4. The New 15 Network


To start with the network (which comprised a mixture of house owned sites and white labels) was all about the bingo, with a few slot games on the side.  The welcome offer was a standard bingo bonus offer with a spin the wheel bonus game which awarded an extra bingo bonus.  There were 75 and 90 ball bingo rooms with chat and various jackpot games.

Many bingo sites on the network ran exclusive promotions such as depositor prize draws and leaderboard races, and a couple had exclusive bingo rooms.

One big problem at the old version of 15 Network was the mobile service – or rather lack of it.  The first version (launched in 2014) worked OK on tablets but everything was too small to see on phones.  The second version did work on phones but was barely worth bothering with as all it offered was the facility to pre-buy bingo tickets with no access to the bingo rooms themselves or the chat.

Another problem was the lack of free and cheap bingo.  Tickets were typically priced at 10p or more (some as much as £1) and although there was free bingo it was only for players who had made a very recent deposit.


At 15 Network, Jumpman tried getting rid of the usual bingo wagering requirements and replacing them with the requirement to complete £100 of cash play (£30 at some sites) before any withdrawals could be made.  Players still lost their loyalty points and any remaining bonus if they withdrew.  This arrangement came to an end in September 2016 when slot bonuses first appeared at 15 Network bingo sites, and the new requirements were 4x for bingo and 40x for slots.

Prior to this, in June 2015, Jumpman launched a second bingo network, Wheel of Slots, which also eliminated bingo wagering requirements but did so by not actually offering any bingo bonuses.  The welcome offer, which seemed pretty radical at the time, was a spin the wheel with a guaranteed win but instead of a bonus, it awarded free bingo tickets (with winnings paid in cash) or slot spins (with winnings paid as a slot bonus).

The third Jumpman network was just slots – no bingo – with a slot bonus and free spins welcome offer.

Slots Take Over

The crunch time for Jumpman Bingo came in September 2017 after the new Mega Reel welcome offer arrived at the Jumpman Slots network.  This was similar to and built on the success of the Wheel of Slots but with the important difference that when you spin the Mega Reel, a win is not guaranteed.  The Mega Reel was sufficiently popular with players for Jumpman to take the radical step of replacing the offer at 15 Network bingo sites with this completely slot focused offer (it is called the Mega Wheel at the bingo sites instead of the Mega Reel and looks a bit different but is essentially the same offer).

Not long after that, the Wheel of Slots was also changed so as not to guarantee a win (and the bingo ticket prizes were also removed).

At much the same time, it was rumoured that the Jumpman Bingo software would soon be getting a major upgrade and there would be no new launches of Jumpman Bingo sites until it was ready.

The result of all this was that with no bingo bonuses and no influx of new players from new sites, the bingo rooms at the original 15 Network became deathly quiet and games very often had to be cancelled because not enough players bought tickets.  The slots, on the other hand, were clearly in the ascendant and many new games from new providers were added.

The New 15 Network

The first bingo site to launch on the new version of the 15 Network was Barbados Bingo in April 2018, but a sneak preview was available earlier for those who were paying attention!  The Jumpman Slots sites were upgraded first and as well as a bigger and better selection of slot games, the new sites all have a tab for bingo (which works on all devices).  When Barbados Bingo launched, it was with the same bingo rooms as the Jumpman Slots sites – which aren’t the same as at the old 15 Network sites.

As expected, the sites on the old 15 Network started to migrate across to the new one, with house owned sites first in line.  Existing players had to sign up again and some sites disappeared altogether rather than migrating.

What wasn’t expected was that the Wheel of Slots sites started to migrate as well and with this development the future direction of Jumpman sites became clear – one network instead of three!

Although the bingo is given a bit more prominence at sites with the word bingo in the name and the welcome offer presented as Mega Wheel rather than the Mega Reel and these are classed as 15 Network rather than Jumpman Slots, underneath the sites all have the same games and the same offer – and are all essentially slot sites with a bit of bingo.