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Use our tool to generate and print out You Bingo Cards. It's completely free! The first person to mark off most or all items wins the game. 

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You Bingo Cards
Joe pulls his cap down to hide his face
Mentions Beck
Flashback scene
Narrated insult from Joe
Jar of urine mentioned
Joe quotes a novel
Slow Motion Scene
Joe hides in someone else's house
Ominous Incidental Music
Drunk Person
'Hello, you.'
Joe stalks prey
Kate rejects Joe
“F” Word

You Season 4 Bingo Cards

Hit US television series You is back on our TV screens with the much-anticipated season 4.

Once again, Joe Goldberg takes centre-stage, this time in London as one of our favouirite sociopaths searches for fresh meat.

Since his humble beginnings as a bookshop manager, Joe has gone up in the world somewhat and now masquerades as a university professor.

But has he met his match in the icy and mysterious Kate. Watch the show to find out.

And while you’re at it, we recommend that you play, er, ‘You Bingo’

How to Play You Bingo

Our You Bingo Cards contain sayings and occurences that will likely play throughout the series. Just mark off each item as it occurs. Our bingo cards are ideal for watch parties.

How to Create You Bingo Cards

Simply customise your You bingo cards to your liking (or rely on our own terms and design), then click ‘generate’.

Once you’ve done this. select the number you want and the friends you’d like to invite.