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Valentine’s Day Bingo

Use our free Valentine’s Day bingo cards generator to print out cards and play with your partner or friends!

Customise Your Card

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Valentine’s Day Bingo
Valentine's Day Bingo
Flower Gifts: Roses
Steak Dinner
Jewellery Gift
Heart-Shaped Chocolate Gift
Unwelcome Gift: £20 Note in Card
Romantic Dinner for Two
Personalised Gift
Flower Gifts: Tulips
Cuddly Toy Gift
Hamper Gift
Birthday Card Instead of Valentine’s Day Card
Proposal of Marriage
Takeaway Meal
Lingerie Gift
Home-Made Gift
Stayed in PJs All Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we thought we try and get you in the mood with some printable Valentine’s Day bingo cards – ideal for playing with your partner or friends after the Feast of Saint Valentine is over.

  1. Add your own words and phrases in the ‘enter words’ box or make use of ours.
  2. Click the ‘grid size’ panel to reveal a drop-down menu – choose from one of three layouts.
  3. Click ‘generate bingo cards’ to reveal playable demo Valentine’s Day bingo card.
  4. Choose the amount you’d like to print via the drop-down menu or enter a custom number.
  5. Click ‘generate printable bingo cards’ or invite your partner/friends via the email box. Each player will receive cards with rearranged words and phrases.
  6. Wait until the end of your special day (or the day after) and play our  Valentine’s Day bingo cards. The player who marks off the most or all of the items wins the game.
Last updated: September 20, 2022
Dale Shelabarger
Freelance Contributor