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The Crown

Our free generator allows you to generate and print out free The Crown Season 5 bingo cards. Each card contains terms and events that will likely take place throughout the series. You can also make your own terms up. Play on your own or with friends. 

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The Crown
The Crown Bingo Card
Charles Speaks to Camilla
Charles Plays with Cufflinks
Fire at Windsor Castle
Annus Horribilis Speech
Chauffer Opens Car Door
Awkward Dinner Scene
Prince Phillip Angry
John and Norma
Charles Tucks Hand into Jacket
Somebody Wears Hunting Gear
Remark About Andrew Morton
Diana’s Taj Mahal Photograph
Charles Hewitt
Royal in Silk Dressing Gown
Mohamed Al-Fayed

The Crown Bingo Cards

Season 5 of the Crown is finally here! The enormously popular TV series from Netflix has garnered acclaim from critics and viewers alike, despite its inaccuracies. The latest series focuses on events that took place during the 1990s – all in all, a very difficult decade for the Royal Family, what with the devastating fire at Windsor Castle and the separation of Charles and Diana.

How to Play The Crown Season 5 Bingo

While you watch the show, we recommend you generate and print out our free The Crown Bingo Cards. They feature events and characters that you can expect to see throughout the series. Just mark off the items as they occur. The first person to mark off all or most items wins. Alternatively, you can add your own terms to your Crown Season 5 bingo cards.