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Ice Hockey Bingo Cards

Check out our free tool which allows you to generate and print out Ice Hockey bingo cards. Play on your own or with friends!

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Ice Hockey Bingo Cards
Ice Hockey Bingo
Glove Drop for Fight
Player Smashed Again Boards
One-Timer Goal
Pass and Go
Goalie Pulled
Slap-Shot Goal
Player “In the Slot”
“Managed the Game Well”
Glove Save
Wrist Shot Goal
Power Play Goal
Blind Pass
Players Trash Talk
Charging Penalty
Delayed Penalty

Ice Hockey Bingo

Apart from motor sport and indoor bowls, ice hockey is the most dangerous sport in the world. For 30 minutes 12 skaters face off on an ice rink with the goal of sticking a small puck into a goal with the use of a very long stick. Although brutal, the game requires great skill both with regards to skating and stick handling. Once dominated by the Soviet Union which pretty much revolutionised the sport, Canada are now considered the power-house international team. Club play is dominated by the North American NHL with the Tampa Bay Lightning, the current Stanley Cup Holders.

Ice Hockey Bingo Cards – How to Play

If you’re indifferent to hockey and are being made to watch by your partner, or suddenly have this desperate urge to play bingo while the big game is on, then this page is for you. We’ve created ice hockey bingo cards that are suitable for both international and club games. All you’ve got to do is mark of the commentator clichés and in-game events as they occur. The first person to mark off all or most of the items wins! If you’d prefer, you can customise the card to include your own terms. When you’re done, all you’ve got to do is generate the ice hockey bingo card and print it out!

Last updated: September 20, 2022
Dale Shelabarger
Freelance Contributor