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Frozen Planet 2

Use our free tool to generate Frozen 2 bingo cards, then invite your friends and print them out for conscience-free play. The first person to mark off all or the most items wins!

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Frozen Planet 2
Frozen Planet 2 Bingo
“Climate Change”
Seal Pup in Peril
“Adapted to Its Environment”
Blood Splattered On Ice
Animal Falls Over
“Frozen Wilderness”
Shot of Mother and Baby
Polar Bear
Penguins Enter Water En-Masse
Blood on Mouth of Polar Bear
Segment on Thawing Ice
Wind Blows Over Ice
Attenborough Whispers
Drone Footage
Underwater Footage of Seal

Frozen Planet 2 Bingo Cards

After 10 years, we’re finally being treated to the second Frozen Planet documentary. Yep, the intrepid Sir David Attenborough returns to some of the world’s most freezing places to spend time with penguins, whales, polar bears and other animals that thrive in really cold temperatures. No doubt, he’ll also be offering his thoughts on the ‘climate emergency’.

So as well as animals slaughtering each other and generally doing things that animals do such as hunting, swimming, walking, sleeping and giving birth, you can expect plenty of talk about ‘everybody doing their bit’, ‘carbon footprints’ and ‘sustainability’.

How to Play Frozen Planet 2 Bingo

To help you make the most out of this joyous viewing experience, we’ve created Frozen Planet 2 bingo cards. Instead of numbers, they contain sayings and events that you’ll likely come across as the series plays out. The first person to mark off all or most of the items wins. You can also generate and print out our Frozen Planet 2 bingo cards as well as inviting your friends to play.