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Downton Abbey Bingo Cards

Use our free tool to generate Downton Abbey bingo cards - print them off and play on your own or with friends!

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Downton Abbey Bingo Cards
Downton Abbey Bingo
Carson resists change
Lady Violet sasses somebody
Tom sighs dramatically
Reference made to dead cast member
Token shot of Crawley children
Somebody references new technology
Declaration of love between Anna and Bates
Molesley messes up
Reference to Cora being American
Barrow schemes
Sweeping shot of the abbey
Mary makes a sarcastic remark
Someone wears an elaborate hat
Edith namechecks Marigold
Boring subplot about farming
Speech about changing times

Downton Abbey Bingo

Downton Abbey is the smash-hit period drama from ITV. Debuting in 2012, this award-winning historical series follows the trials and tribulations of the aristrocratic Crawley family and their domestic servants. It’s set in the fictional country estate of Downton Abbey during the early twentieth century. There have been six series so far and two movies. The movie is currently showing most cinemas with all six series available on Netflix.

Downton Abbey Bingo Cards

To add a sense of fun to a series that often includes serious themes, we’ve created Downton Abbey bingo cards. They features happenings and sayings that usually occur during any given episode. You can also come up with your own terms if you prefer. Kick back and watch the series, marking of the items as they occur – the first person to daub most or all of them wins!

Last updated: January 11, 2023
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