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Baseball Bingo

Use our free tool to generate printable baseball bingo cards. You can use them to play baseball bingo during the regular season or playoffs.

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Baseball Bingo
Baseball Bingo
Fielder’s Choice
Upper Deck Home Run
“Pitched a Gem”
“In His Last Four Outings...”
Player in “Slump”
Batter Hits Double
Runners Stranded
Base Stolen
“Deep Bullpen”
Pitcher Described as Stud
Caught in Centre-Field
Benches Clear
Batter with 300+ Batting Average
Fan Catches Home Run Ball
Catcher Comes to Mound
“Deep to Left Field”

Baseball Bingo

Major League Baseball is second only to American Football in the US in terms of viewing figures. It’s also become immensely popular in places like Japan, Mexico and Cuba with Japan, especially operating a highly successful league brimming with talented teams. It’s not quite caught on the UK though with MLB games relegated to BT Sport. Whether that’s to do with the time difference is open for debate. But it probably doesn’t help that they play well over 100 games each year.

Baseball Bingo Cards

Anyhow, the things can get quite exciting, especially during the playoffs. So we’ve created baseball bingo cards that you can use on your own or with friends. Our baseball bingo cards include commentator clichés and events that usually happen during a game. Just mark each item off as it occurs. You can also come up with your own terms if you’d prefer.

Last updated: February 22, 2023
Dale Shelabarger
Freelance Contributor