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Ad Break Bingo Cards

Commercial breaks are littered with  clichés and repetitive tropes that can be a bit trying after a while. So to help you get through this dreaded televisual interval, we’ve created Ad break bingo cards containing some of the most common themes, sayings and occurrences. We recommend you choose a movie or TV drama on any channel other than the BBC and then make full use of our ad break bingo cards during the sponsored messages.

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Ad Break Bingo Cards
TV Ad Break Bingo
Hybrid Car Driven on Empty Road
Use of the Word “Support”
Shameless Use of Calving Harris Song by Controversial Bank
Close-Up of Burger
“This Program is Sponsored By...”
Voice Over Artist with Inner-City Accent
Reference to Climate Change/Green Issues
Use of the Word “Empowering”
Sexualised Chocolate Advert
Ad Music Features Somebody Whistling
“We’ve/You’ve Got This”
“In it Together...”
“Save up to...”
Philip Schofield Makes an Appearance
DIY Ad with Cockney Voice-Over
Spirit Crushing Insurance Ad With ‘Opera’ Singer

Our free, printable Ad Break bingo cards are ideal for playing with your friends or by yourself – a great way to break the monotony of TV advert breaks!

This is how you create and print our free Ad Break bingo cards:

  • Either input your own phrases in the ‘enter words…’ or use ours.
  • Click the Grid Size panel for a drop-down menu and then choose your layout from the three options.
  • Click Generate Bingo Cards.
  • You’ll then see a playable Ad Break bingo demo card.
  • Select the number you’d like to print via the drop-down menu or enter a custom number.
  • Select Generate Printable Cards or invite your friends by entering their email and hitting ‘invite’. The phrases on each of our ad break bingo cards will be jumbled up for all players.
  • Choose a movie/TV drama with advert breaks and mark off the items as they occur. The person who marks of all or the most items wins.
Last updated: September 26, 2022
Dale Shelabarger
Freelance Contributor