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  • Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Limited is a very familiar name in the world of online bingo
  • Cassava is a subsidiary of 888 and handles the payment processing for all 888 owned and Dragonfish powered bingo sites
  • All bingo sites listed here are powered by the 888/Cassava/Dragonfish bingo software
  • Bingo sites on the main Dragonfish network are listed separately in the Dragonfish section
  • Cassava used to manage all these sites under a Gibraltar licence and still does for non UK players
  • UK management and licensing is now done by 888 UK Limited


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Cassava Bingo Sites

"This website is operated by Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Limited, which is licensed to offer online gaming services by the Government of Gibraltar".  For anyone who has visited more than a handful of online bingo sites, that is a very familiar statement.  But what does it actually mean?  Is there a Cassava Bingo Network?

  1. Who Are Cassava?
  2. What do Cassava Do?
    • Payment Processing
    • Licensing and Compliance
    • Management of Sites
  3. A Word of Caution

Who Are Cassava?

  • A wholly owned subsidiary of 888 Holdings plc
  • They specialise in secure internet transaction processing
  • Cassava Enterprises is based, licensed and regulated in Gibraltar
  • Cassava Enterprises does not actually own any bingo sites

What Do Cassava Do?

Cassava provide transaction and management services to online gaming sites owned by 888 Holdings or subsidiaries, or powered by Dragonfish (the business-to-business arm of 888 Holdings).

  • Licensing and Compliance - Cassava used to look after this for a very large number of bingo sites, and they still do for non UK players.  Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) holds licence number 022 from the Gibraltar Gaming Commission.  For UK players, the situation changed in November 2014 and the UK licence for all these sites is held by 888 UK Limited (a member of the same corporate group as Cassava).
  • Management of Sites - again, Cassava used to provide management services for a vast number of sites powered by 888 and Dragonfish software but now, for UK players, the same function is carried out by 888 UK Limited
  • Payment Processing - Cassava provide transaction services including payment processing to all these bingo sites and when you make a deposit, Cassava is the name you will see on your credit card or bank statement.

A Word of Caution

Buried in the small print of the terms and conditions is a provision that if you self-exclude from any Cassava operated site, you are not allowed to open or run an account at ANY OTHER Cassava operated site for the period of the self exclusion - and if they find out that you have, any funds in the account will not be paid back to you regardless of whether they are deposits or winnings.  Likewise, playing too much free bingo (over 120 games a week), or "bonus abuse" (which is not clearly defined in the terms and conditions) at any Cassava operated sites can result in being banned from ALL of them.